Welcome Hunan Minhe Chemical Co., Ltd.
Crosslinking agent taic
- P90
Curing agent
Flame retardant
- Flame retardant for plastics
- Flame retardant for textile
- Flame retardant synergistic agent
Foaming Agent
- Microsphere foaming agent
Pharmaceutical intermediates
  - Sodium cyanate
Hunan Minhe Chemical Co., Ltd. is a important high-tech enterprise in city, and Province, it concentrates production, management, research and development on one entity, as one of the largest manufacturers of crosslinking agent TAIC, flame retardant TBC and curing agent BIPB. We have passed the certification to the ISO9002 international quality system. TAIC, TBC, BIPB, Bis2,5 Vulcanizing Agent,Sodium Cyanate,flame retardant PP etc. are our main products. Business covered Canada, Japan, U.S.A., Taiwan, Europe etc. and more than ten domestic provinces and cities.
Enterprise with the modern management and innovation, for its unique brand strategy, a plan to market the product, research and development, for the idea of honesty and activity bring us to the top, insist the purpose of the quality first, the reputation first, the service first to cooperate with domestic and international business community, build a better future.
Add: Huping, Hehua Town, Liuyang City, Hunan 410300, China
Contact: Mr Zhou 13874840114
Tel: +86-731-83628758 Fax: +86-731-83646101
E-mail: [email protected]
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